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Imagine the Common Good

From August 25th to 28 was held in Paris the annual conference of the Common Good Forum. I was honoured to prononce the inaugural speech to define the notion of Common Good. You will find the presentation below:   What is the Common Good? from Service de Coordination à l’Intelligence Economique, Ministère de l’Economie, Paris …

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Le bien commun comme main invisible. Le legs de Machiavel à la gestion publique

Le bien commun, concept central de la pensée de Machiavel, apparaît comme jouant le rôle d’une main invisible qui réduit les coûts de transaction, et la clef de voûte d’une pensée sur la gestion des affaires publiques.

Articles published in IRAS

‘No philosophy, please, we are managers’. Public Management and the common good: Euro Atlantic convergences. Claude Rochet International Review of Administrative Sciences, June 2010; vol. 76, 2: pp. 279-312.     The common good as an invisible hand: Machiavelli’s legacy to public management. Claude Rochet International Review of Administrative Sciences, September 2008; vol. 74, 3: …

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Chris Argyris, double-loop and organizational learning

Theories of action: theory in use and espoused theory Our starting point is Argyris and Schön’s (1974) argument that people have mental maps with regard to how to act in situations. This involves the way they plan, implement and review their actions. Furthermore, they assert that it is these maps that guide people’s actions rather …

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